The Top Ideas Are In, The Voting is Underway

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Einstein would be proud. After a whopping 1,500 submissions, THE TOP TEN 10 BIG IDEAS have been selected and will compete for the top prize: $10,000 and a trip to Israel.

The purpose of our contest was to showcase the creativity and innovation of individuals, drawing inspiration from the most brilliant mind of the 20th century. Albert was the co-founder of Hebrew University, an institution that has served as a testament to his genius by facilitating the academic evolution of thousands of bright minds that have contributed to worldwide research initiatives.  Although Einstein will be remembered most for his scientific contributions, he was a diverse man that will also be remembered for his contributions to philosophy, politics, music, humour and other disciplines. Without trying to compile a diverse top ten list, the final submissions ended up revealing a wide array of thoughts and areas in life: bio-technology, energy, cancer, recycling, transportation, the environment, consumerism, language, education and biodiversity.


We are proud to announce the following TOP TEN finalists and a brief summary of their BIG IDEA:


Angela Biancodevice for breast cancer survivors undergoing reconstructive surgery

Baldo Robert Gurreriinterdigital transducer unit that produces power without gas, oil or electricity

Benjamin Hann- ‘Project Strawberry’:  a vehicle that can fly through the air, swim in the water and drive on the road

Brendan Murphy- a linguistic Rubik’s cube that, using algorithms, teaches every language on Earth

Charles Rose- synthetic dragonflies that carry chloroplasts and capture carbon dioxide molecules

Chatoyer Jackson- lint recycling bags that could be transformed into compost and fire starters for underdeveloped countries

Doug Dirt- a “Green” credit card that rewards consumers for making environmentally conscious choices

Joshua Smart- controlled algae bloom that would lower global temperatures and bring fish stocks back to the brink

Kathy Benjamin- solar heated electric floors in South America that would emit warmth without danger

Richard Jones- range-extended electrified infrastructure


The winning submission will be decided on an equal basis between public voting and our Judging Panel. Public voting is underway at or and ends Earth Day, April 22nd at 6pm E.S.T. Vote for your favourite big idea and help bring these finalists closer to the big prize! 



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