The Relevancy of IMRIC

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HemophiliaThe Institute of Medical Reseach Israel-Canada (IMRIC) has a specific mission, which is twofold:

  • Bring together Israel and Canada's billiant minds to find solutions to the world's serious medical problems through a multidisciplinary approach to biomedical research


  • Create innovative approaches to meet the challenges of medicine in the 21st century

Essentially, the organization looks to unite similarly scientific heads and have these minds working together to understand, heal and create solutions. That is what they do, and this is an important and daunting task; however, what makes IMRIC stand out as a world research leader is the simple notion of relevancy. IMRIC maintains relevancy, in that they focus on some of Mother Nature's most impending threats to human biology, the illnesses and conditions that are currently plaguing humans around the globe, the ones that require as much research as possible.

Recently, IMRIC has seen innovative discoveries in various research fields, including breast cancer, malaria, blindness and neuroscience  What is one one of their current focuses? It's Hemophilia Awarness Month at IMRIC, and while major research is being conducted in the labs, we are able to learn through IMRIC and its resources about the magnitute of bleeding disorders, and whether there are treatments and/or cures.

Take a look here to learn the basic facts of hemohilia and bleeding disorders, and click here to read a blog dedicated to mothers with children that have been affected by blood disorders.

Most importantly, click HERE to donate today to IMRIC and support the researchers on their extremely important (and relevant) mission.








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