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A month back I wrote a piece regarding the versatility of Albert Einstein. Though we remember him for his scientific revelations, he was also a diverse man with hobbies and passions galore. When we came up with the “Searching for the Next Einstein” contest we made sure to emphasize that the ideas can pertain to ANYTHING.

In the first 3 weeks of the contest, so many great ideas have come our way. I want to share 5 different ideas that people like yourselves have already submitted that reflect 5 very different area of life:


EDUCATION/TECHNOLOGY: “The most important aspect for the future of our world is the children. Adding more technology to the classrooms will increase the learning abilities of our valued children. We now have SMART Boards in many classrooms of our schools; I think each student should be provided with their own SMART Board for learning purposes. This computer/tablet style machine could link right to the board at the front of the classroom so that the students can share their ideas and collaborate to make learning more sensational and group oriented while moving into a more technologically advanced society.” – Eric D

ANIMALS: “I SUGGEST THAT THE HUMAN RACE MOVE TO A STRICTLY PLANT-BASED DIET; THAT WE ALL BECOME VEGANS….I further suggest that the best food experts in the world be recruited for a project to develop plant-based substitutes for meat, eggs and dairy products that taste as good as the originals. Only when this happens will people willingly switch to a plant-based diet. We cannot consider ourselves civilized and ethical until we stop our shockingly horrible abuse of animals”.- Jeffrey B.

SCIENCE/NATURE: Use molecular biotechnology techniques to develop photosynthetic dragonflies. Genetically engineered dragonflies carry not only chloroplasts but also other necessary regulatory genes. These photosynthetic dragonflies are expected to reproduce, generating photosynthetic offspring (i.e., it is a self-perpetuating process)……The expectation is that implementing a biotechnology program that can produce photosynthetic dragonflies continually will have a substantial effect on global warming by capturing carbon dioxide molecules” Charles R

ARTS: “….The MyMuzik stand is a touch screen digital music stand that eliminates the need for paper sheet music. The MyMuzik stand allows you to store all your songs right on the device and then displays the score digitally on the screen. It allows for hands free page turning and provides millions of songs right at your finger tips”- Robert J

TRANSPORTATION: “Today vehicles are equipped with a seat belt light on the dashboard; which lights-up to notify the driver when he/she isn’t buckled in. This same light could be connected to a smaller light bulb (placed in the top bottom corner of the rear license plate). This small light bulb will light up to notify and alert police officers when the driver isn’t strapped in. By incorporating this small, yet effective device in every vehicle, it will be sure to send a message to all drivers who continue to drive without their seatbelts on Buckle up for safety, or risk the consequences.- Rodrigo V.


After looking at this, let me ask you, what is YOUR BIG IDEA? And what area of life does it pertain to? Remember, the best ideas will be narrowed down to a Top Ten, and public voting and a panel of Hebew U judges will decide the winner. The winner receives, that’s right you guessed it, 10 THOUSAND DOLLARS!

Good luck


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