A "Nobel" Affair at Hebrew University

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On February 11 we will begin Searching For the Next Einstein where anyone will have an opportunity to submit their BIG IDEA on how the world can be improved and have a chance to win $10,000

Many of you are probably wondering: so, who exactly is deciding the winner?  The judging panel consists of distinguished Hebrew University scholars, scientists and Hebrew University alumni. Our judges will be responsible for 50% of the final vote while the voting public will make up the other 50% of the vote

We are proud to have Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Professor Roger D. Kornberg presiding as Chairman of Judging Panel. Kornberg is part of a special group of Nobel Prize winners from Hebrew University. Beginning with its co-founder Albert Einstein receiving the prestigious honour in 1921, Hebrew University can boast a strong heritage of Nobel recipients, So, how good does your idea need to be in order to win that grand prize? Well, let's just say a Nobel man must approve!

For a gallery of our Nobel recipients, visit our newly updated Pinterest board!

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