Start Looking For Your Inner Einstein!

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In less than a month, anyone, and I repeat ANYONE, will have an opportunity to convey their big idea on how to improve the world and have a chance to win $10,000, a trip to Israel and weekly prizes.

Yes, you heard correct: the top prize is 10,000 dollars and a trip to Israel. Got your attention? I thought so.

Albert Einstein, the genius behind too many things, can be summed up as the man who improved the world with his revolutionary scientific theories. Einstein was a big thinker who came up with ideas that improved the world;  he provided us a better comprehension of the universe's inner workings. This was his major contribution to humanity. Here are some BIG IDEAS Albert came up with:

  • E=mc2 is Einstein’s famous equation that shows the relationship between energy and mass. It was once thought that energy and mass were different, however Einstein’s theory states that energy and mass are merely different forms of the same thing, just like ice, water and gas, that are different forms of liquid.
  • Einstein added to Newton’s theory gravitational pull, stating that not only does the apple fall to the ground because of gravity, but earth’s orbit attracts asteroids because of the “den” the earth makes in the “fabric” of space
  • Einstein explained that light energy came in chuncks, or quanta, now called “photons”. This explanation changed the way researchers thought about the nature of light
  • Einstein answered the question “why is the sky blue?” He put the “critical opalescence” phenomenon and gave explanation regarding the cumulative effect of the scattering of light by each molecule within the atmosphere

So, what's YOUR big idea? Remember, the idea can pertain to any field, any facet of life, whether it is related to science, politics, arts, philosophy, transportation, anything! Start looking for your inner Einstein.

The fun begins February 11th, but In the meantime, click here to find out more information about the contest

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Did I mention that this is open to anyone?


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