CFHU Student Dinner and Concert

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Can you believe it’s December again? I feel like all the students just left for Israel – how has it been four months?! December is an interesting time for most people. The month is usually jam packed with exams, family dinners, vacations, and not surprisingly, snow. For the Student Affairs department however, December is just a cold, sad, lonely time. You see, at this time last year we met a ton of incredible people from all across Canada. Through e-mails and phone calls, various coffee dates and in office meetings, we got to know all of the wonderful students who would be embarking on their journey to study at the Rothberg International School this year. We met their parents, talked to the odd Bubbie and Zadie, and learned about their academic and personal interests.

Then one day in September they were all swooped up by ElAl and sent over to Rothberg, and we sat here staring at our inboxes and phones, waiting to hear from our new friends.

Turns out they were running around Israel soaking up all of the sun and drinking iced Aromas. And although we knew they were safe and having a great time; we missed them. We really missed them.

We knew we couldn’t continue on like this for the whole year, so together with our fabulous colleagues in Israel we organized a dinner for the Canadian students at Zappa.  Zappa is a restaurant in central Jerusalem which also has a stage and hosts wonderful Israeli performers in the evenings. On Wednesday December 5th, after a delicious meal (we were concered that they’re too busy studying for exams and not cooking!) Idan Haviv took the stage and knocked all of their really warm Canadian socks off. To top it off, the Canadians were front row! Only the best for the CFHU-lets!

Check back for photos from the event!



Photo Credit: Anna Gol, Student



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