VLOG: An 'Empowering' Process

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This past July, a special honour was given out.  Hebrew University student Tammy Rubel-Lifschitz received the Johanna Friedlaender Memorial Prize of Excellence from Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University. The doctoral student in Hebrew University’s School of Business Administration, under the supervision of Prof. Lilach Sagiv, conducts research analyzing the elements of power, collaboration and creative performance.

“Equal collaboration efforts produce more effective and creative outcomes,” says Rubel-Lifschitz. “In the future we hope to see whether people with different value priorities capture power collaboration differently and which practices they use to manage power relations in collaborations”

Rubel-Lifschitz says the award has ‘empowered’ her and that is expresses faith in her potential achievements in her research. She is among thousands of Hebrew University students that continue to drive themselves to produce thorough research and CFHU is proud to maintain Tammy’s and others’ academic momentum

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