Alumni Photo Contest Winner 2011

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Oleg Portnoy picked up his iPad from the CFHU National offices in Toronto for his winning submission to the 2011 CFHU Photo Contest. He was a student at Rothberg International School in 2010 when he took the winning picture below, and here is how he describes it:

"While at Rothberg as a graduate student in Spring of 2010 me and my roommate were invited to participate in an undergraduate, 4-day hike through the Galilee over the Passover break. The trip was dubbed Yam-le-Yam (Sea to Sea). We began our journey in the westernmost part, the Mediterranean Sea and headed eastward. During the 4-day trip, we visited mount Miron and the mystic city of Tzfat before arriving at our final destination, Lake Kinneret on the 4th day. This picture was taken in the Upper Galilee, near the Lebanon border. We were hiking all morning and reached a beautiful field, which overlooked the mashavs near Lebanon. We decided to rest there for a few hours before continuing our hike. In the picture are two undergraduate students from Rothberg, Christina (on the right) and Kelly (on the left) enjoying the view."

Many thanks to all who submitted photos to this year's contest! Please click here for a photo gallery of all of the runners-up.

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