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A post by Ohad Moser, sophomore at the Hebrew University

When I think of American Colleges, a lot of sports come to mind.  It seems like everybody has a team they’re on – football, soccer, basketball, golf… I’ve even heard of a frisbee team. Unfortunately for me, all that doesn’t exist here in Israel. Well, not formally at the University anyway. I regret that. But it doesn’t mean that us Israelis are couch potatoes. In fact it's quite the opposite. We just like to get fit in a less competitive way.

The Mount Scopus campus at the Hebrew University offers us the Lerner Indoor Sports Complex.  To tell you the truth, it meets all my expectations. The standards are very high and the facility is well maintained. The staff is willing and friendly and the environment is pleasant. One big problem remains, and that is the price – 1,400 Shekels per year. That’s about  $380 CAD! It might not sound a lot for a year, but my friends at other Universities pay much less. Then again, the complex is very modern. Oh well, I guess it’s worth the price.

To say that we don’t have team sports is not quite correct. There are some informal gatherings of rugby or ultimate frisbee at the parks across the city. But those are organized – surprise, surprise – mostly by foreign students. I rarely get to go to these, since my busy schedule doesn’t give me much free time, but I’ve heard that it’s catching on recently. Who knows, maybe one day the University will adopt it and we’ll be just like the American Colleges. On the other hand, do we really want that?

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