Ice skating! Here we come.

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I love Israel but I miss ice skating. So when I heard that Safra Square - our famous Municipal Centre was creating a giant ice rink, I was excited. "Rockefeller in Jerusalem" runs from March 10 - April 14. The whole of Safra Square will be turned into a 500 meter ice skating rink!  Then there's 200 meters of non-ice space for hanging out with coffee shops and shopping. If you're missing Canada, the opening night will cure any homesickness with an artistic figure skating show featuring the best of Israeli ice skaters, as well as an ice hockey game.
Safra Square has always been a grand headquarters for Jerusalem.  It is a fitting home to Israel's 3000 years of municipal government with beautiful, vintage architecture. I found it fascinating that it sits evenly over the  pre-1967 split line between Jerusalemites from both the eastern and western parts of town. There is a Municipality building, as well as the courthouse and historical buildings from the British Mandatory period. The view over Mt Scopus is breathtaking. Safra is also home home to our Jerusalem lion symbol. I've posted some pictures which say it better than I can. This will be a great event! See you there.

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