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Staying at Hebrew University means your home away from home could be on one of three campuses in Jerusalem:

1)   Mt. Scopus (Har Ha'tzofim)

2)   Givat Ram, and

3)   Hadassah Ein Karem.

So what’s the difference? Mt. Scopus is located on the border between East and West Jerusalem and is known as the humanities campus. Givat Ram, which houses the engineering and sciences is located near the Knesset and is about a 30-40 minute walk to downtown. Hadassah is the medical campus and located above the village of Ein Karem which is about a 20 minute drive out of the city.

Which dorms are the best for you?

Unless you are actually working on Mt. Scopus, I would advise living in the dorms in Givat Ram. The Lieberman Dorms are really great. It is a graduate dorm and the most modern dorm on campus. All the rooms are have a bed, kitchenette, and bathroom in the room. You have to buy or bring your own linens, pillow, and kitchen supplies – but its excellent having all the facilities available.

In Givat Ram there is a minimart really close to the dorm. A cheaper option is a super market that is a 15-20 minute walk downhill and off campus (from the side gate).

You can do your laundry in another dorm near Lieberman – but you need a laundry card first that you can add cash to at the card machine in the dorm office building.

What’s Mt. Scopus like?

At Mt. Scopus you will live in the Student Village in the French Hill neighborhood next to the university. It is just a half mile from the university. The difference is the rooms are apartments with 5 single rooms, and a shared kitchenette and bathroom. You will have to buy or bring your own linens, pillow, and kitchen supplies. Rent is $600/month. Additionally there is a $255 program fee charged by the Rothberg International School.

For a closer look at dorm options take this cool 360 degree tour at

What are your options?

Living off campus can be a great option too (unless you need to be on campus every day). By planning ahead you can find accommodation that might be better – and cheaper than the dorms.  Look on craigslist or yahoo ‘’flathunting’’ group - or ask the university for off-campus housing options. Places to look are: Old City, Mamila, the German Colony, Rehavia, Baka, Ben Yehuda, and Yemin Moshe. When planning to rent a place, make sure you nail down out all the details of the lease (cost, length of time, heating, tax etc).

One thing for sure, where you stay is really important to how you enjoy your experience at Hebrew U. If you start at one accommodation and don't like it, do not be afraid to move to another. There are definitely options - and something for everyone's taste and budget.


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