CFHU Builds Bond with Canadian Students in Israel

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This year the Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University (CFHU) has decided to reach out to our students in Israel to ensure that the students are aware of the profound effect CFHU has on the Hebrew University as a whole. This new initiative allows the Canadian students studying at the Hebrew University to come together at CFHU sponsored events in Israel to connect with the organization and each other right from the beginning. This way they will learn more about the various ways CFHU contributes to the Hebrew University each and every year.

To kick off this project CFHU’s National President, Nathan Lindenberg, talked over pizza with the students at the beginning of the school year. This was an opportunity for the students to meet an alumnus of the Hebrew University who has maintained his connection with the school in a very powerful way. This was the first time that the students became aware of some of CFHU’s projects and contributions to the Hebrew University. Nathan spoke to students about the organization and encouraged them to stay connected upon their return to Canada.

Additionally, the students had the chance to participate in the parent’s night “Evening with the Stars” for CFHU’s newest project, Lend a Hand to Heal: Sderot Youth Summer Knowledge Camp. This evening showcased one of the many ways that CFHU contributes to the University and Israel as a whole and brought together campers and their parents for an evening of stargazing – first through Albert Einstein’s long lost telescope followed by a performance by Israeli singer Shlomi Bar-el. The students enjoyed taking part in such an exciting event and will hopefully visit Sderot during the year to see firsthand why CFHU thought it was so important to provide children from this city, which has been an ongoing target of Qassam rockets, to have the opportunity to have a carefree experience at summer camp.

Most recently CFHU’s National Director, Rami Kleinmann, hosted the students for a night on the town in Tel Aviv. They started off having dinner at Prime Grill which was followed by a concert by well known Israeli musician, singer and songwriter Meir Banai at Zappa Tel Aviv. The students all found this evening to be a wonderful opportunity to get to know Rami and each other better and a fun way to experience Tel Aviv nightlife.

Many of the students have expressed an interest in planning and participating in many more CFHU events throughout the rest of the year. There have been a variety of ideas proposed for the remainder of the year and we look forward to a great deal more fun activities together during second semester. If you are a Canadian student studying at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem this year and would like to get involved please contact Moshik at or Faren at

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