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While living in Vancouver, I spent many hours on planes, traveling to Toronto and Israel to see family. I once sat next to a young guy on a flight between Toronto and Vancouver (don't ask me which direction!). I told him that I've lived in Toronto, Jerusalem and Vancouver. He was so excited - he'd only ever lived in a small town in Ontario and in Vancouver - and when I asked him what was so great about that, he said that I must have a much broader view of the world than him.

I had always taken for granted that I've lived in two different countries. Especially as a Jewish person, it's not the biggest deal to have lived in Israel and somewhere else. But he made me appreciate it so much more. Wow, I thought, I really have been able to experience two very different places. I have realized since then how much living in more than one place does contribute to my understanding of the world.

Israel is a very exciting place to visit but when you come here to live, at least for a few months, when you try to integrate a little, learn about the place and the culture, you leave a changed person with a deeper understanding of the world.

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